Dear Queen,

You have your wedding organized, you budget togetha, and your bridal party set up. Let’s talk about this registry that needs to be created. Let me just say having a bridal registry is completley optional and may not pertain to you. If you are not in need of a home registry then you definitely should look into having a honeyfund to help you save some coins for your trip! Today, I am writing to you and letting you know of three gems to help you get your registry started. Have your cute glass and favorite drink? 

Alright, let’s get into it! 

 1. Choose a max of 3

   YUP! Dassit! Ok, no let me tell you a little bit more. Although, you can tell that I love the number 3 it is not the main reason why I say choose no more than 3 stores for your registry. I like the number 3 because when you are giving people information to me that is a nice number to make things plain and clear and easy to remember and digest. Not to mention this helps you easily manage your list. Honestly, if the store you choose has everything that you need then I would go with just that one. 

 Gem: You will go through all the time to put things on your registry and people are STILL going to go to the store they want to go to if they can get the same item anyway. 

2. Be Relevant

   As you go through adding items to your list choose the items that are truly relevant to what you are needing for your household. This will eliminate getting items that you were just putting on there ( just because) and then later on returning because it doesn’t fit in your apartment or doesn’t go with your decor. Begin taking inventory of what you have and what you need early on and keep that list close by when you and your spouse create your registry. 

    { My husband was too happy when they gave him the gun in bed bath and beyond to put items on our list. We live in an apartment and him putting a grill was not relevant to our living situation. Of course I went back and cleaned up the list and let me him have his fun for the moment lol}

3. Choose varying price points: 

    I thank my mom for giving me this gem! (Thanks momma) Allow your guest to decide what their budget is- cause that’s they business ( in my Tabitha Brown voice). Just because there is an item that you feel is too expensive doesn’t mean that someone else does or wont go in with two other people to purchase the gift for you. 

Queen you are armed and ready to go and create that registry!! Have fun and take photos with your spouse! I would even love to see them on IG! 

Many Blessings,

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What store(s) are you planning to use? Is there an item that you really want but unsure if you should add it? 

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