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Dear Queen,

I hope you are ready for the gems to be dropped on this one! Whether you are planning a small wedding or a large one you will need vendors. There are several things that I need to tell you about when it comes to vendors, so I hope you have your cute glass and favorite drink and catch these gems! 

Let’s get into it! 

 1. Clear Vision: 

     Sis, I have said it before within this series that having a clear vision will drive your planning and set the foundation for everything else. How you choose which vendors you are going to go with stems from how you want to bring your vision to life. So, before you start, be sure to get your vision laid out! 

2. Budget Check 

    You have your vision laid out and a list of vendors you will need to create your wedding day. Next to each vendor category, I want you to write out how much you can realistically afford to pay. This will give you a snap shot of how much your wedding is going to cost you and where you need to save more. 

          Ambassador Tip: Don’t skim on your photographer or quality of food! 

       Ambassador Tip: If you have a family member or friend that is wanting to gift you their services be sure you know their quality and it is what you are wanting and not just looking at it solely because they are cheaper. I am all about saving coins, but also have to know if it is going to fit the vision that I have. 

3. Research 

      I advise to keep things simple by first writing out your top three vendors for each category. Once you have done a little more research, put them in order based on the cost they charge. Then narrow down which one you can see yourself working with. 

Gem: Look at your relationship with your vendors as a business partnership. Ask as many questions you need to in order to make sure they are going to be the right fit for you and your husband. 

4. Contracts: 

       Girl check those contracts from beginning to end. Most of them are one to two pages. Before you sign anything make sure you have asked your top questions. If there is something specifically that you have talked about your vendor delivering make sure it is within the contract. Most vendors use a generic template and then tweak as they go. They have clients coming at them left and right so they may miss something. It is your job to hold them accountable. 

       Understand if there will be any extra charges for any time gone over that it is stated within the contract. The main thing here is reading! 


  1. Don’t assume your vendor knows what you want, be prepared by sharing your vision to him or her from the beginning. 

   2. You’re venue should be number 1- they go FAST! Brides are booking venues even 2 years in advanced. I couldn’t believe myself. 

  3. Look at your vendor as a partnership deal. Fill them out during the consult. They are “interviewing” you as a client and you should be doing the same. 

4. Be prepared if you choose to have a planner that you ask if you have to use their designated vendors. If that is the case, you need to make sure you like their work as well. (this is not abnormal for planners to have their own wedding team of vendors because they know who they work well with and will give quality work as well, however, your taste may be different from what they can deliver.)

Many blessings, 

PS: I know you are probably like, Ashlee’, which vendors do I need though? The thing is I can’t really tell you that because every wedding vision is different. What I can tell you that the average wedding needs: officiant, photographer, planner ( full or partial), venue, videographer, caterer, pastry chef, DJ, Stylist)

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