Hello Queen,

I'm Ashlee' De'Nice!

Welcome to my online space, A Simply Blessed Wife. I am soo excited to have you here! I am a southern girl currently residing in SC. I got married to my best friend in 2017 and we now have a beautiful daughter named Kennedi aka Pooh!

 It is my prayer that through my hub you are able to utilize the gems given & see the beauty of becoming a wife!


The mission of A SBW is to equip the millennial wife-to-be with the gems she needs to help her transition into becoming a 


My Story

The year I got married, there was a lot going on. Just a few short months I was in a bad car accident. Which led me to be out of work for awhile due to having a concussion and bruising. Wedding planning was something that I threw myself in because I truly wanted our day to be special. Although I opted to have a wedding planner, I already had most of the items planned. Throughout my pre-wedding journey I learned life lessons along the way that I now share through my hub. Fast forward to life after saying "I Do" and the real work begins. The honeymoon phase is great but we also were hit with challenges earlier on that tested our faith from in year one. Year two we be came parents. That in itself has been an adjustment but a rewarding one! We're excited to see where year three brings to us and pour into you as a newlywed to ultimately help you flourish as a wife.


Dear Queen Letters

These letters are where I share authentic stories based on my experiences through life. I give the raw and real of what has helped me through my journey as a wife and now mother. 


Gems are what I give out when I want share an item, awareness, resources etc. to help you through this journey. 

Wife of Wisdom Suite

This area is where I cultivate relationships by interviewing other wives to share their story. I ask them specific questions for them to provide us with their wisdom. I believe we learn best through others! 

She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue. She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. – Proverbs 31:26-27



A Simply Blessed Wife Mission is to pour into you as much as I can while transitioning into a wife by providing you with gems that will help you show up daily as a #queenofyourhouseold.