Dear Queen,

I can’t believe it has already been three years since I married my babe! I can remember that day like it was yesterday. When you get down to the final 30 days before your wedding day you tend to feel like you are all over the place or if you have had a smooth journey then you are blissful. If you are stressed out right now, I want you RELAX, RELATE, RELEASE and exhale deeply. Yes, go do it right now and come back! 

  Alright, you good? Feel better? 

 Trust me, it’s going to be alright cause your Wife Ambassador is here to help you get through it one gem at at time. I am writing you today to share a few gems to help you execute everything that you have put together from the beginning and bring your vision to life! This is where your checklists and planner really go to work. 

Let’s get into it! 

 One month out: 

    I want you imagine 30 days from now you are going to be marrying the man God has prepared for you and made just for you. You are looking GOODT and he is FINE FINE! At this time you should be wrapping up things with your vendors and double and triple checking to make sure they have everything they need from you. You need to be working with your wedding planner or day of coordinator and finalizing any schedules that are needed to execute the day before and the day of. During this time you will begin creating your wedding outline with timeframes. 

   On the other hand, I also want you to start finding ways to pour into yourself at this time. Each week you should be doing something for you and something that will bring you and your spouse closer. At least one day a week let your mind put wedding planning down. Enjoy the final engagement period! 

The Week of: 

     The week of your wedding is your final check and preparing for the rehearsal. You should have already set your massage day, nail and hair appointments. Now is the time to be sure your bridal party has everything they need for the rehearsal and for the day of. This is the time to wrap everything up with your vendors and if you haven’t already pay your final payments to your vendors. Also thinking about getting your ring cleaned. 


   Your Wedding eve has come and your stomach is probably full of butterflies of excitement! I know you girl! Itineraries should have been sent to everyone prior. You are getting your nails done or massage and enjoying your day with your mom, sister, aunt, or best friend. Be sure to have your shoes in hand and final check with the food / venue you plan to have dinner afterwards. Your girls should be ready with their shoes and bouquets ( or something to replicate them to help with how they hold them). Once the rehearsal is over and everyone is settled all I need for you to do is 

  GET YOUR BEAUTY SLEEP! ( Let’s not be crazy like me and stay up half the night because you procrastinated on doing a bridal party gift and under estimated the timeframe to finish them. In the end you wake up with blood shot eyes and tired. Nope, we not doing that again! ) 


    Allow me to be the first to tell you congratulations! Today you celebrate with God, your family and friends to committing to spending and growing with the man you say yes to. The morning of your day I want you eat a nice breakfast. The rest of the day you’re not going to really think about food, trust me. From there it is about making sure you are on time for your hair and makeup, relaxing and getting dressed. I also want to suggest to spend a little 1:1 time with a person who you are really close with that is either planning to give you away, mother, mother figure, etc. This is a milestone for both you and that person. Cherish this moment and enjoy the small moments that come up throughout your day. 

  Many blessings, 


PS: Sis, things may not 100% go as planned even with being organized, but if it’s a small thing, don’t allow it to take away your JOY for the day. Do or say something about it once the night is over but for now, embrace the day with your husband and guest. 9 times out of 10 your guest wont even realize something wrong happened. 


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