Dear Queen,

It has been 1 year that I have been married and it has been a pretty good year but also a hardworking year. Whoever said marriage is easy, wasn’t telling you the whole truth, lol.However, I still agree when one of my best friend’s told me not to believe in the 1year hype that you always hear about.Yes, the first year can be hard but it is what you and your husband make out of it! There are a few things that we had to work on during this first year of marriage and I am here to tell you about them in this letter…

In the beginning stages Jay and I had to work on the best way to live together without getting on each others nerves ( which is still a work in progress but nevertheless we are making headway 🙂 ). I have come to grasp that I have an OCD when it comes to things being neat and in its place to a certain extent. However, my husband is THE COMPLETE opposite! I had to seriously have a talk with him in order to calm my anxiety and come up with a compromise. Speaking of talking, we had to work on our communication so everything else could be in alignment. Communication is a MAJOR key through this journey! After a counseling session that we had, I had to learn to not hold in my feelings too long and actually talk to my husband. We have gotten better with this and now consult one another over things that can affect our home. When it comes to disagreements, I am one who shuns away from confrontational situations if at all possible. I do this because when I get upset I am likely to say anything and I rather not in order to keep peace. So, I choose to shut down and work it out within myself and forgive. I am soo far from perfect and constantly working on myself and the actions that I make in life.

Yes, the year maybe “trying” but it is how you two come together to turn it around for the years ahead. On the other hand your first year maybe the best year ever and you have no bumps in the road! ( cue praise break lol )

If you are reading this and not yet married then please don’t let negativity take control of your mind of what marriage is all about. Go into it with open arms and embrace the difference that you and your future husband brings to the table. If you are reading this and you have made it through your first year of marriage, I wish you and your husband all the best within your marriage!

Many Blessings,